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Our creative team of designers and developers can bring your site to life!

With a creative team that includes world-class design and web development professionals, Collage Solutions offers businesses and organizations logo development, web design, and many elements for dynamic websites.


We understand that your site’s look and feel is as important to your business and clients as the way the site functions. Whether you have an existing visual identity or need to develop one from scratch, our designers can take you through the process of bringing your look to life online. Our team can help you develop a logo that represents who your business is and what it represents.

We can show you how to translate this identity throughout your materials and most importantly to our work, how to give it life through your web presence.


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Build your business online with tools that support secure internet financial transactions.

e-commerce (or electronic commerce) refers to the purchase and sale of products and services over the Internet. This business area has experienced significant growth in the past decade and has inspired technological advances such as electronic fund transfers, online transaction processing, Internet marketing and more.


As more and more businesses conduct their affairs online, companies must keep up with the changing demands of the marketplace. Using the Internet as a means for conducting business opens incredible opportunities for growth. With existing and emerging technologies, e-commerce allows you to reach a wider, targeted group of buyers for your product of service.


Collage Solutions can provide you with:

  • Quick access to e-commerce solutions so that you can begin to sell online ASAP.
  • Effective marketing tools to help increase your sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Accurate order management to minimize errors.
  • A custom approach to best meet your needs.
  • A user-friendly, easy-to-use control panel to help even non-technical staff manage your online sales pages.
  • Features to improve the efficiency of your business’ daily activities.
  • Security features that ensure safe and reliable transactions online, protecting your customers and their clients.

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An easy-to-use content management systems can keep your site fresh & up-to-date.

Just as technology and business are ever-evolving, Collage Solutions provides clients with tools that allow them to easily keep their site up-to-date. With the use of an SQL database, nearly all elements of the sites that we create can be entirely dynamic. This allows you too update your site’s content, images, banners and navigation. And, most of these changes can be made quickly and easily using a tool that we develop that makes it as easy as updating a Word document, no HTML skills required


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Our AcrylicCMS Content Management System (CMS) is especially useful for posting news and announcements, job postings and other time-sensitive information. You can make changes when you need them made – no more waiting for your ‘web guy’ to get to it.


AcrylicCMS allows clients to have a current, accurate, interactive site that is searchable and updateable. These features can result in improved communications, considerable time and money savings, strengthened relationships with your stakeholders, and ultimately, increased revenues.


Collage Solutions strives to provide clients with personalized service and customized products.  Included in your custom content management system are the following features:

Content EditingQuick and Easy Content Editing

Also known as ‘What You See is What You Get’ or WYSISYG, our editing system allows anyone who can type their name into a Word document to make content edits.  Gone are the days when your html literacy was a must for content updates.

Secure AdministrationSecure Administration

Collage Solutions’ CMS is secured by password access to the administration component of your website so that you can limit access to authorized users and restrict users to accessing certain pages.

Global SolutionsGlobal Solutions

In the growing international marketplace, many businesses find that they must support a number of websites to allow for language differences.  Our CMS tool allows for multiple languages, ending the need for more than one site. 

The LookThe look

Collage Solutions creates web pages that can contain more than one content block.  Our CMS tool ensures that your business’ look is consistent throughout the pages of your site.

Powerful AdministrationPowerful Administration

Create pages, add and edit content, manage users, and build your website easily using familiar tools — no programming needed.

File ManagementFile Management

With our CMS, you’ll be able to upload documents and images to your site with the ease of attaching a file to an email.  Allow your visitors to download brochures, PDF’s, forms and more.

One LastOne Last Look

With our preview function, you can perform the important double-check on your changes before they are published on your site.

Managing UsersManaging Users

Add multiple users to CMS and assign them to customized roles. You can specify the content each person can edit or even view. The system features enterprise-level user management.

Remote UpdateRemote Updates

Using our web-based CMS, you’ll be able to edit content on your site from wherever you may be – the other side of the world or a downtown café.

Secure EncryptionIndustry-standard encryption (128-Bit SSL)

Collage Solutions’ content management interface is accessible anywhere by anyone with a password and  doesn’t require custom software.  And, we provide industry-standard encryption that meets industry standards so you can trust that your data is secure.

add-on enhancementsAdd-on Enhancements

Our standard CMS can also be upgraded with the following features:

  • Site search tool.
  • Data updates such as products, news releases and career opportunities.
  • Form Submissions.
  • Uploads such as newsletters.
  • Events calendar.
  • Secure members-only areas
  • Editable Forms
  • Site maps

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Let some of the best in the world work for you while you focus on your core business.

According to analysis from Gartner1, by next year more than 40% of IT-related businesses will either be investigating the possibility of offshore outsourcing or will have already started projects overseas.

In the ever-growing global marketplace, outsourcing has become an efficient way for organization to focus on their core business while ensuring that other needs are being met by the most suitable professionals. Business leaders have discovered that outsourcing projects to the best people for the jobs results in increased quality with decreased costs and more efficient delivery time-lines.


As a company specializing in managing outsourced projects, Collage Solutions can meet many of your needs. Using our services can help you:

  • Free up valuable time and resources to attend to your core business
  • Increase efficiency
  • Access professionals with specific expertise
  • Improve service and delivery time


Through the outsourcing of our services, Collage Solutions aims to provide clients with the peace of mind that their internet and IT needs are being taken care of by the best in the business.


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